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Helen & Brandyn — Minted




Wedding Party

Laura Thilquist

Maid of Honor

Laura is Helen's older sister and very best friend. From the day our parents announced that Laura would have a little sibling, she took on the role of proud (and protective) big sister. Only three years apart, Helen and Laura have always been extremely close. Laura is generous, loyal and loving. In the last few years, Helen has had the privilege of watching Laura become the greatest mom and has enjoyed the gift of being an Aunt. This has only furthered the unwavering support, love, and friendship they share.

Bryce Liebe

Best Man

Bryce is Brandyn's younger brother and hype-man extraordinaire. Brandyn and Bryce have been making each other laugh for 26 years and counting. The morning of Brandyn's proposal to Helen, Bryce achieved the impossible goal of keeping Brandyn calm and cool during a 90 minute phone call to keep nerves down. Bryce is immensely passionate, strong, and gregarious, and Brandyn could not be more lucky to have him as both a best man and brother.

Meaghan Liebe


Meaghan is Brandyn's youngest sibling. Helen met Meaghan during her first visit to the Liebe house in Waunakee, WI. Just 13 at the time, they baked cookies and made oreo truffles together and from that moment, Meaghan was always encouraging Brandyn to finally date Helen. Meaghan is funny, smart, and undeniably cool. Helen has loved watching Meaghan grow up and can't wait to officially be family in January!

Josh Lerdahl


Josh and Brandyn have been best friends since they were ten years old; riding their bikes over every stretch of sidewalk in their hometown. After exploring all that Waunakee had to offer, they decided to set their sights internationally, where they upgraded their 21 speeds to a couple of mopeds and the sidewalks to the open roads of Australia, New Zealand, and South East Asia. Josh always felt like more a brother than a friend, and Brandyn couldn't picture him anywhere else but with the Groomsmen.

Savannah Furcich


Savannah and Helen met late in college, but grew closer as roommates senior year and after living in the Twin Cities after graduation. Through adventures in South Dakota, Colorado, and now in the Twin Cities, Sav has become a treasured confidant and friend. Helen credits Savannah and her now husband Alex for prepping the friend group for the first marriage of best friends in the group. Sav's positivity, go with the flow attitude, and adventurous spirit is a joy to be around.

Alex Furcich


Brandyn and Alex became inseparable at St. Olaf College, but took their friendship to Colorado and then back to the suburbs of the Twin Cities. They bonded over skiing, gaming, and hiding their feelings from two particular St. Olaf girls they'd be silly not to spend the rest of their lives with. Alex also holds the honors of having lived with both Helen and Brandyn and of being fought over to be both a bridesman and a groomsman. Brandyn thinks Alex is right where he belongs, both in the suburbs and in the ceremony.

Hannah Fedje-Johnston


Hannah and Helen met Freshman year of college at a Spanish conversation table. They saw each other in classes here and there, but grew extremely close while studying abroad together on Global Semester during Junior year. Fedj quickly became a soul sister to Helen as they navigated the joys and inevitable challenges of international travel. Fedj is known for her sage advice, her party-starting toasts, and her deep curiosity. Helen values her curiosity and caring heart, but most of all, she is grateful for Fedj's unconditional support.

Ryan Thilquist


Ryan and Brandyn are forever bonded by their decisions to plunge into the complicated, tight-knit, love-filled Nordic tribes that is the Mikkelson/Kyle family. Ryan has been an anchor during tough periods of life, an encouraging presence during good periods of life, and a shepherd in understanding the unique dynamics of our new chosen family. Brandyn is excited to call Ryan a brother-in-law, but it feels like they've already had that connection for years.

Mary Traynor


Mary and Helen met early on at St. Olaf College and lived together during their Senior year. Mary is one of the kindest people you'll ever meet and Helen immediately felt at ease around her (and desperately wanted to be one of her friends). From nights out dancing to long talks over coffee, their friendship continued to grow after college through visits to Boston and catch ups over FaceTime. Mary will answer a call or text any hour of the night to be there for someone she loves. She is one of Helen's biggest cheerleaders and the life of any dance floor.

Miles Smith


Brandyn met Miles early at St. Olaf and was quick to hang on to someone he knew was a friend worth keeping close. Miles is fittingly called "Smiles" by all of the friends, as his presence and demeanor is both welcoming and fun for any who have the pleasure of spending time with him. While Brandyn has always struggled to bond with Miles over his scientific career, (Brandyn was way too busy flirting with a young Helen in Biology class...) he knows that Miles is in a league of his own and is more than deserving the title of PHD. Brandyn and Helen would like to dedicate the first 80s song of the night to Miles.

Tara Schaefle


Tara and Helen met the first day of college. Tara has quite literally been there since the first day of Helen and Brandyn's story. Helen can't count the number of times she relied on Tara for advice or to share a story about Brandyn-long before they even started dating. Through it all, Tara was confident that we'd eventually end up here. Helen is grateful for her patience, but most of all, she is grateful for Tara's intellect, loyalty, and constant friendship through every milestone and mundane moment of the last 11 years. Tara is both a light for Helen and helps Helen find her light.

Andrew Rome


Andrew has the honor of hosting the backyard bonfire that accidentally outed Helen and Brandyn as being in a couple. Between weekly game nights, trips to the North Shore in Minnesota, and bonfires (both normal and relationship outing,) Brandyn and Andrew have grown closer since Brandyn's move back to the Midwest. Andrew is the "honorary Ole" of the friend group, and his easygoing attitude and care for those around him are a few of the many things both Helen and Brandyn love about Andrew.